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                 JUNIOR & OVAL BALL






Inflate with a standard inflation needle. The vinyl bladder will expand to fill the cover.  Keeping the valve opening close to the bottom flap of the cover, inflate the ball until it fills the cover, but not the seams completely.  It does not need to be deflated between uses, but may require adding air once or twice a year.  To protect the warranty and extend the valve life, always use Needle Ease™on the valve before inserting the needle.



1 Eclipse Ball® Junior or Oval ball, Eclipse Ball® or volley ball net. Volleyball sized court, indoors or outdoors.  We suggest taping off player zones to prevent confusion. The net height is determined by players’ age and height.



1) Choose teams — 4 to 6 players per side, on a volley ball sized court with net. Team size can be          

    larger if space is increased. If there are 1 or 2 players per side use a badminton size  

    court. Players are highly encouraged to stay within their area; we recommend 3 in front, 1 in  

    the middle, and  2 in the back corners.

2) Volley for serve: a team member throws the ball over the net and the volley begins, the

     ball must pass over the net 3 times before the volley can be won. The winning team serves.

     For the next game, the team that lost the previous game serves first.

3) The serve must be from 3/4 court or back. Depending on size and the skill of the server 1/2 court

     is acceptable. In Eclipse Ball®Junior and Oval Ball the ball can be served under or over hand, thrown or kicked over the net.

4) If the ball goes over the net and is inbounds, it is good regardless of whether it touches the net or not.

5) There is only one second chance in a lifetime on the serve.

6) In Eclipse Ball®Junior and Oval Ball, on the line is always inbounds.

7) Only the serving team can score, except in a “Play it!” situation. If a play is in question there is 

    usually a re-serve, or the rule is in favor of the underdog. 

8) Players rotate when the service is won, rotation is clockwise, as in volleyball.

9) Games are to 21 points, half games are to 11, a skunk is 11 to 0.  The game must be won by 3 

     points and “Game Point!’ must be called when the winning point is served.

10) Players may not score on a double hit (setting themselves up). However, another player can set 

      them up.

11) The ball can bounce inbounds once any number of times between hits, with only 2 consecutive hits   

      per player. Passing of the ball between players is unlimited.

12) The ball can bounce twice inbounds, one time, per side, per volley. The second double bounce results  

      in a loss of serve or point, depending on which team was at fault.  

13) For recovery, the teams have 3 consecutive bounces and 3 consecutive hits to bring out of bounds   

      balls under control and back into play. 

14) Players must not go under the net or in any way enter the other team’s court. There is a 1’ grace zone on both sides of the net.

15) If a team fails to call “Play it!” on an opposing team’s fault and keeps the ball in play, the game is   

     continued as usual, with only the serving team being able to score.


16) “Play it!” may be called by a team member who decides to keep the ball in play when the opposing  

      team is at fault. The player calls “Play it!” as the ball passes over the net. The team winning the  

      volley scores the points regardless of who served. “Play it!” points are worth 2 points instead of 1  

      and can accumulate by the addition of 2 points each time there is a fault and “Play it !” is called. 


   In  Eclipse Ball® Junior and Oval Ball, the players  use their hands, heads, feet or other body parts to keep the ball in play. It is against the rules to catch the ball and throw it. Team work and passing the ball between players is encouraged.

   During play the ball is allowed to bounce once between hits any number of times while in bounds, there is one double bounce inbounds allowed per side, per volley. 

   Eclipse Ball® Junior and Oval Ball were created to have fun while playing a game that builds confidence. It is a game where the non– athletic player can be on a more equal status with the athletic.  Eclipse Ball® it is a true coed sport.  In Eclipse Ball® a light touch is as important to the strategy of winning as a fiercely hit return.  It is a game designed to have the camaraderie of volleyball, the spontaneity of badminton, and the excitement of tennis, with rules designed with fun and action in mind. 

   The fundamental ideas behind Eclipse Ball® are a desire for a game with vigorous volleys that aren’t terminated easily and second chances that can extend play even longer.

   The “Play it” rule is a great addition for those who wish to add an extra edge to the game. When there are 2,4,6,8,or more points on the line, the level of excitement really increases!


  In the case where a ball first hits inbounds and then lands out of bounds, the returning team has a grace of three bounces to put the ball back in play.  Bounces off the wall, bleachers, etc. are counted. Once a player hits the out of bounds ball, their team has three additional bounces to gain recovery for each time it is hit.  If a wildly hit ball lands out of bounds on the opposing team’s side, the same rules apply. However, the players may not cross under the net or otherwise enter the opposing teams court.  The other team may not touch or interfere in any way with the recovery. Note: a player recovering the ball may not handle or hit the ball more than 3 consecutive times out of bounds and 2 consecutive times in bounds.


  The idea for the black and white ball came from my Grandfather, who was a baseball pitcher in the early 1900s.  In those days, he sometimes used an old trick and smeared black on part of the ball. This gave the pitched ball a corkscrewing appearance as it went spinning through the air.  The black graphic patch on the Eclipse Ball® ball uses this unique visual effect to add fun and enjoyment for those watching and playing the Eclipse Ball® game.  

  We started playing Eclipse Ball® over 40 years ago on our front lawn, and we are proud to introduce this new, made in the U.S.A., version designed for those who have not yet developed racquet skills.  Eclipse Ball® has evolved from vigorous volleys and dinner table debates, to this set of rules and thousands of kids and adults playing Eclipse Ball® in the United States and around the world.  We hope you enjoy “Playing it!” and having fun as much as we still do!


  There is a 1 year warranty against manufacturer defects, provided Needle Ease™Ball Valve lubricant is used when re-inflating the ball. Send all inquiries to Ecliplse Ball inc., P.O. Box 333, Grant, MI 49327  or




Warning: Eclipse Ball® is a non-contact sport as written in the rules and should be played as such.  In any sport there is a possibility of injury.  We encourage adult supervision when children are playing. Do not take part if you have consumed alcohol or other drugs.  Those with heart or circulatory problems should consult a physician before playing.  Great care has been taken in the writing of these rules, please read them carefully. Your purchase is an express waiver of any liability of Eclipse Ball® Inc. or Donald Benson.  There are no other warranties, expressed or implied in the sale or use of this game.

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