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 Educators share their experiences with the Eclipse Ball games!



" Eclipse Ball Junior is the best piece of equiptment we have in our closet! The upkeep and durability is well worth the money spent, You won't go wrong with this Ball!"



“Thanks for the demo and fun sessions during the SHAPEMI Conference! I can't wait to try out some new games with my students, and I look forward to purchasing more Eclipseball equipment in the near future. Thanks again! Chris D --  Saline Middle School Physical Education, 7th Grade Volleyball Coach Girl's Varsity Softball Assistant Coach” 

" My 7-12 grades love E-Ball - we will have an "all School" touney in the spring!! So much fun- promotes the competive spirit--"


Warren JR_SR High

"We are all about Satryan Ball at FHS"

Derek Germann

Fulton High

Fulton, IL

"My students LOVE Satryan Ball!" "I teach Jr High and the kids love the energy of this game."  "Everyone moves!"

Paula A. Wilkinson 

Dirksen Sr High

Joliet, IL

"We have been playing Eclipse w/our high school students for the past 5 years, it is easily one of the activites/units our kids enjoy the most!"


Maureen Vorwald

Platteville HS

Platteville, WI

"We like the way the Eclipse Ball Game adapts to outdoor tennis courts and indoor volleyball courts"

Brian Brooks

West Aurora H.S

"The H.S. Students loved the Eclipse Ball Game! It is a fun game to teach   - going to start it at the middle school."

Karyn Weber

"We Love Eclipse Ball at KHS!"

Kristyn Stonequist, Kaneland HS 

"Our kids love Satryan Ball. We use it as a cardio-day activity in any unit." Joy Pierson, Neberzall /Neuqua Valley HS (Blue Ribbon) Naperville IL

"I Love the Satryan Ball I have used it for a year and my students Love It.  If they have a free day they fight over it!  Great Job! "

 Dave Bohman, Hazel Crest Illinois

"My Students look forward to playing Eclipse Ball every year!  I enjoy all of your products!"

Susan Nichols, Lena Winslow High School

My Students really enjoy this game ( Eclipse Ball).  They constantly ask when we are going to play it."

Jan Schmulbach, Rockridge High School

"My students absolutely Love Satryan Ball! Everyone at any level can have fun and be competive!"

Chelsi Clark

Riverdale Schools

" Eclipse Ball is a great equalizing activity.  Students of all abilities are sucessful and challenged."

Pam Siedentop

MUK Middle School

"Eclipse Ball was one of my favorite units in PE. Always Loved playing and I Look forward to teaching it NOW!"


" Satryan Ball is a great and very fresh game, it is fun for all ages."

Kurt  ReichenbachK-4 PE Kenwood Elementary

"Kids really love to play these games" 

Tim Sime

Lake Hocombe Schools

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