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                   Satryan Ball® Soccer

Indoors or outdoors


Before you start-inflation instructions:

Inflate the Satryan Ball enough to fill the ball cavity. The ball should be firm without making the outer ring turn up. To protect your warranty, use Needle Ease ball valve lubricant when inflating.


Version #1- Entire gym space (no out of bounds) : the ball may be bounced and caught off the walls.

Version #2- Using basketball court lines: stepping out of bounds or a ball out of bounds results in loss of possession.

Outdoor version- Soccer field with soccer goals, using pre specified boundaries.


The set includes 1 -8” Satryan Ball, 2 folding soccer nets, 8 red and 8 blue vests,

 8 red and 8 blue flag belts, and carrying bags

Indoors-Folding soccer nets, basketball hoop.   Outdoors- Soccer goals


1 or 2 goalies per team

Indoors- 8 players per team including the goalies

Outdoors- Equal size teams, 2 goalies per team; a larger outdoors space allows more players to participate.


To throw or kick the ball into the other team’s goal or basketball hoop.


1 point- for throwing the Satryan Ball into the goal indoors the ball must bounce once, for outdoors, no is bounce necessary.

2 points-for kicking the ball into the goal, indoors or outdoors.

1 point- indoors- for putting the ball through the basketball hoop from inside the basketball three point lines.

2 points-indoors-for putting the ball through the hoop from outside the three point lines.

3 points- indoors, for a kicked ball going through the hoop from anywhere on the court.

Beginning the Game:

Indoors- The game begins with a jump ball in the center.

Outdoors- The game begins with a fly or kick off. Approximately 20 yards distance separates the teams at center field.




Game Rules:

Players may run with the ball anywhere on the court or the field until their flag is pulled by an opposing team player, after their flag is pulled they have 3 steps to anchor a pivot foot, and pass off or shoot the ball. If a ball carrier loses both flags they are to stay in a stationary position until one of their teammates pulls a flag from the opposing teams player while they are carrying the ball, and gives that flag to the stationery player.  At that point they rejoin the game and play as usual. 

Note: Flags can only be pulled from a player while they are in motion and in possession of the ball.

Neither team’s players are allowed inside the goal zone.  This is the three-second zone in basketball, for indoors.  We suggest that you shorten this zone by half and widen it by 3 to 5 feet; you can mark this area with tape or cones.

This is a non-contact sport!  No stripping of the ball from another player, no pushing and no unnecessary contact or roughness is allowed.

A loose ball can be picked up by players from either team; however, kicking a loose ball is not allowed.

The ball can be kicked, bounced or thrown for passing or scoring.


When a player steps out of bounds with the ball in their possession, the ball goes to the opposing team at the point where the player stepped out of bounds.

Unnecessary contact and or the offensive team players entering into the goalie zone results in a loss of possession of the ball.

Unnecessary roughness or the defenders stepping into their own goal zone results in one penalty shot. All players from both teams remain behind the centerline of the field or court.  Starting from center court or field, the chosen or fouled player is allowed

” a one-on-one” with the goalie. The ball can be thrown or kicked into the goal or thrown or kicked through the basketball hoop (indoors).  As soon as the shot is made, play continues.

Outdoors version of out of bounds

 Out of bounds balls are put back into play in a touch football manner.  Both teams may huddle at this time then, the team’s line up and the ball is hiked from the line where the ball  went out of bounds. This rule is also used as a strategy for slowing the game down, indoors or outdoors.


Copyright 2004 Revised 2017 by Donald Benson


Warning: Satryan Ball Soccer is a fast moving and highly competitive game that should be played with care.

It is a non-contact sport as written in the rules and should be played as such.  In any sport there is a possibility of injury. 

We encourage adult supervision when children are playing. Do not take part if you have consumed alcohol or other drugs. 

Those with heart or circulatory problems should consult a physician before playing.  Great care has been taken in the writing

of these rules, please read them carefully. Your purchase is an express waiver of any liability of Eclipse Ball® inc. or

 Donald  Benson .  There are no other warranties expressed or implied in the sale or use of this game or any of its

parts or pieces.

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