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Eclipse Ball, America's Co-ed Team Racquet Sport 

Eclipse Ball is a game that was created in the backyard for people of all ages and athletic ability.  Incorporating aspects of volleyball, tennis, soccer and badminton, this team racquet sport is designed to build confidence in players with or without athletic ability, increase teambuilding skills and create a fun and healthy competitive atmosphere.  Because of the competitive balance created by Eclipse Ball, the sport has transferred exceptionally well to physical education classrooms leading to tournaments and leagues being created around the U.S. and the world.  Due to the phenomenal feedback from Eclipse Ball participants, two new versions of the sport have been created.  Eclipse Ball Junior and Oval Ball incorporate the same rules but do not require the use of a racquet.  Both utilize an oversize inflatable ball covered with fabric, making hitting safer and easier than conventional balls.  Eclipse Ball Junior is age appropriate for students 5 and above while the Oval Ball provides new challenges to competition with its oblong shape. Below are a few of the video's that are available, for more just search Eclipse Ball on

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